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Video Communications, Inc (also known as VCI) was one of the oldest home media distribution companies to exist, alongside Magnetic Video and Fotomat. The company was founded in 1976 by longtime movie fan Bill Blair; more of his story can be found here.


Catalog number Title Country of origin Original year Length Version MPAA rating Film format Tape count Tape break placement (if applicable) Color Released Note(s)
1001 Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd
From Warner Bros.
USA 1952 70 min Standard version NR Academy 1 N/A Supercinecolor TBD TBD
1019 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things USA 1972 91 min Television version PG Matted 1.85 1 N/A Color TBD TBD
1028 Don't Look in the Basement USA 1973 82 min Standard version R Matted 1.85 1 N/A Color TBD TBD