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Welcome to Home Video![edit]

This wiki is dedicated to the history of home video, from the many distributors to the odds and ends. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful world of home video.



  • It has come to my attention that some view home video historians as psychopathic. Do not be alarmed by the description, though; such people just have no idea how important this wiki's work is.
  • For those wondering what happened to this wiki in the last month and a half of 2022, one of Miraheze's servers experienced a major outage. Most of the affected sites were restored in mid-December 2022, but some, such as this wiki, took a little longer, with this wiki not being restored until December 31, and even then there are still a few pages that have not been restored as of writing, such as List of Walt Disney Classics video releases.
  • YouTube doesn't seem to care about home video history, as Jordan Rios, a prominent VHS opening uploader whose uploads included screener openings and even entire rare tapes, was expelled from the site during our downtime.